Abyss Wars

Abyss Wars is tactical fantasy war game. You control small army of selected race heroes to conquer the land and fight forces of abyss. You will need all your tactical skills to be victorious. Use magic, meelee and ranged attacks. Use combined forces of different units. Conquer tactical positions on the map, grow your army, defeat one of the best AI you will encounter in such a games.
  • Several hundred unique units. 
  • Eleven races to choose from. 
  • Deadly dragons.
  • Poisonous snakes.
  • Dreadfull undead of various kind.
  • Infernal demons.
  • Agile assassins.
  • Mighty mages and warriors.
All this you will fight in the game. And if you will be skillfull and lucky you will be able to defeat the most strongest unit in the game - Master of All Elements.

Deep tactical possibilities, hundreds of units, allways newly generated maps, funny vintage graphics will keep you busy for hours.

Enjoy and rate the game.

Some Instructions

(C) 2011 by Jan Olex

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